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Pat speaks at Conferences

Looking for a different spin on your box-standard leadership and teamwork talk or safety and risk management keynote?

I’m a warm and engaging motivational speaker from Perth who loves to inspire and motivate others. I link my passion for climbing peaks like Mount Everest to knowledge of today’s challenging business environment.

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Pat delivers Workshops

Pushing yourself to the limit gives you unique insight about yourself and others. I know because I’ve been there.

My experiential workshops – from safety and strategy days to corporate team-building activities; new project team launches to emerging leader programs – are based on my mountaineering experience and will push you to your edge. 

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Pat helps Leadership Teams

Like summiting a mountain, a team can only get to the top working together outside of their comfort zone.

This one-of-a-kind in-house program simulates a real-life mountaineering experience and culminates in an actual outdoor expedition that will test your team to its limits. It’s an adventure that will transform the way your team operates forever. 

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